sexta-feira, 27 de maio de 2011

E por aí vai....

Aí galera.......faz tempinho q nao passo por aqui né!
Ando meio sem ter o que postar hahaha
Depois que fiz o match acho q falei só mais 1 vez com a minha host....
Acho q ela deve ta beeem ocupada =)

Sabe quando não caiu a ficha ainda????? Dia 7 agora vou tirar meu visto.....ain to com um medinho =/
Ao mesmo tempo ta dando um frio na barriga, só de pensar que vou ficar longe dos meus amigos, minha família....ain já me dá um nó na garganta....esses dias tava vendo um vídeo de despedidas no aeroporto de pessoas q tava indo fazer intercambio....comecei choraaaaar só de pensar q em menos de 2 meses é a minha vez.....não quero nem pensar hahahhaa

Bom, já que não tenho mto mais oq postar, vou colocar aqui a minha carta que fiz pras famílias qdo entreguei o app....pode ajudar algumas meninas que não sabem como fazer....aí vai uma idéia ;)


Hello host family!

Thank you for your interest in me. My name is Vanessa, I’m 20 years old. I’m Brazilian; I live in state of São Paulo, in the city of Jundiai.
I live with my mother and my sister. My father, passed away when I was a child.
My grandmother lives with us too. She lives just in the same ground but not in the same house. Almost all of my family also lives near to me. My family is very big; we are very united and my family is very funny too. I have some little cousins, and I love to stay with them.
Jundiai is not very large, but not very small too. It’s a calm city, have some parks to walk, play some sports, to have fun, and have some museums to visit. It’s a good city to live.

I love to go to the church. In the church that I go I belong to dance’s group, I perform some plays of theater and some times I sing too. I love everything related to art, fun and creativity.
I like know new things; I love to read, to learn and to teach. In the church I’m also teach for children since 2007. I teach children in the Bible school, and I take care of them during the worship meetings. I teach them about the Bible, I teach things that Jesus teaches for us, but by the way that the children understand. They are among 2 and 6 years old. There, I also play with them, I give activities to development of the creativity and to they have fun too. They like a lot of me, because I’m calm, I give attention for all and I’m very lovely with them. They are my babies.
In the church, I'm also a leader of the dance's group, there I work with teenagers among 10 and 15 years old. I teach them about the dance inside the church and how to live their lifes regarding God commandments. I love them, we are very friends and I have a lot of fun with them.

In my time off, I like to stay with my friends, and my family. And always that I can, I go to the park, cinema, theaters and museums with my little cousin. I love to dance and to sing, I like to go out, to know new places, people and other cultures.
I love pets, I have 2 dogs and I love them. I like to go out and play with them too.

I have enough ability to drive. I have my driver license since 16/01/2009. I drive everyday, because I go to my work by car. I’m used to drive in heavy traffic, to drive in city, country and in the highway too. I’m used to drive with kids in the car, because when I go out with my cousins I drive. So, I don’t have any problems to drive with kids in the car. I'm a safe driver, I never hit my car and never been fined too.

Currently, I work at a estate agency and I sell apartments.
I’m student too. I’m at college and I study the course of advertise and advertisement. I like a lot this course, because I learn about art and creativity. It’s very fun. And I can use this knowledge with the children, I think that to use the creativity is a good way to distract, teach and entertain them.
The studies is very important to me, because it allows me learn and grow up each day in my personal life and in my professional life. I love to learn, it makes me to open my eyes and show me that I can go much more that I think that I can.

I worked at a Children’s Buffet, and there, I made the recreation of the party, I played with the children, I made face painting and balloon sculpture. Generally, the children that I took care are among 02 and 10 years old. They liked me because I’m very funny and careful, I knew how to be equal them to play, but in the same moment, they respected me because I knew how take a control over them. I’m a child to play, but an adult to take care.
When I didn’t work during the week, I took care of my cousin for 2 years. I took care of him since he was 1 year old, today he is 5 years old, but nowadays I take care of him only sometimes, because I work and study a lot. I played with him, we went to parks and malls, I bathed him, I gave food, I gave bottle and I placed to take a nap.

I'm responsable, and I think it is the most important point to be an au pair, I'm hardworking, I’m careful, calm, extrovert, funny, friendly and open minded. I like to get new experiences and know other cultures.
I think that Au Pair's program is the great opportunity of my life and I'd like to be an au pair because I really love children, I will can improve my English, I will can meet friends, I will know other cultures, I will can study and improve my professional carrer and I will get growth personal.
When I come back to Brazil, I want to finish my college, because I still have 2 years to finish and I want to get a great job and I know that speaking English fluently I can get a excelent job at Brazil.

Well, it is a little about me and my life.

I hope that you like me. I’m very anxious to know you and your children. I think this year will be great to us, I wish that I can take care of your kid of the better way that is possible and the kid and I can have a lot of fun.

Best regards,

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